Thursday, September 29, 2011

Intro and Yay

As much as I prefer traditional journals, I spend most of my time in front of a computer so I think keeping an online version will be more condusive to entries actually being written. Also, journaling seems to be a more productive passtime for my free times at work than viewing random websites that often just depress me.

Speaking of work, I took on yet another pro bono case today. This will be my third active pro bono case and after Charlotte basically forbid me from taking on anymore for the rest of this year. But my mentor presented me with an opportunity I just could not pass up -- the opportunity to examine my own witness in a jury trial. This might sound commonplace for those who are not familiar wtih big-law reality. They are probably used to seeing lawyers argue in front of judges and juries all the time on Law and Order. But this is quite rare indeed in big law. Case in point, my mentor, who is a fifth year associate, has not had a jury trial yet. So even though this time might disrupte Thanksgiving plans, I think I am willing to just suck it up, and for something that might actually be worth it for once.